CountrySide Services LLC was founded by Mr. Mike Kellenbarger as a final business venture to cap off his career of building, growing, and providing for our community. CountrySide has countless subcontractors, staff, and connections that allow us to satisfy any of your construction, excavating, or maintenance needs.

Over the years, Mike has founded and grown several businesses from the ground up; providing employment to hundreds of displaced area laborers across Central Ohio. Despite possessing the business savvy to run multi-million dollar operations, the Kellenbarger's also carry a level of humility and compassion for each connection they make. It is vital to us that success is achieved both from completing a requested service, and in overall customer satisfaction following the experience. We strive for excellence not only in what we can create with our hands; but also in the bonds we create with our customers as well.

Mike Kellenbarger

Owner, Founder






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